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Over the years, we have received many thank you's and testimonials from our clients. Here are a just a few for you to review:

~Richard Morfopoulos:
They were extremely helpful & professional. I was sold exactly what I needed. I couldn't be happier !!!

~Steven J. O'Brien:
I belong to a networking group that has a computer repair company in it and I still come to Victory Computer Services for their great service & personalized attention.

~Roger Dreher:
Outstanding knowledge & capability. Excellent communication & ability to satisfy customer. Quick response. Great pricing. Service standard to beat. I highly recommend.

~Sal Romanello:
Victory Computer Services has provided me the products & services for my business for over ten years. They custom built a computer specifically tailored for my needs. The computer just would not die after 7 years of heavy usage & several viruses. It beats calling India & waiting for 2 hours to fix a problem!!!

~Robert Kohlmann:
Frank & Anthony always do a great job. Very honest & professional.

~Jessica Cortese:
Great, efficient and fast service. Took care of a virus for me very quickly and cleaned everything up. Thanks Guys!!!

~Daniel P. Harman:
I found Victory Computer Services to be knowledgeable, courteous & quick, getting my computer back to me in one day.

~Chales E. Burdman:
Victory Computer Services is the place to bring your computer when it begins to act up. They have the best technicians who know how to diagnose & fix both hardware & software problems quickly. I highly recommend them & have used them for many years.  

~Anthony Giordano:
I have been coming to Victory Computer Services for over 10 years with all of my computer needs. The service is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. Victory Computer Services has never let me down, Frank, Anthony and Felix are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Victory Computer Services to anyone needing computer services.

~Paige Swaim:
I have been coming to Victory Computer Services for a few years now and i am always pleased with their service and recommendations.

~Joseph T. Kurtz:
Two of the worst feelings in the world are fear and frustration. In the midst of watching a football on a "live stream" website, an ad appeared and i clicked "x" to remove it. Instead removing it i got a huge "RED ALERT" notice advising me that my hard drive was in dire danger. That caused the fear factor. Scared stiff, i immediately pulled every plug even remotely connected to the computer. The frustration lies in the fact that i'm smart enough to know that I can't fix such a problem by myself. This was undoubtedly a job for a professional, ergo a trip a trip to Frank DeMasi at Victory Compputer Services. I walked into his repair shop expecting absolute worst. I thought my computer was totally done for. An hour and a half in the hands of Frank and Anthony and my computer was running as well as the first day i brought it home. Both are incredibly knowledgeable highly professional people. My only fear for them is that they don't charge enough for their services, to keep them in business. I MOST HEARTILY endorse and recommend this Company to anyone who is looking for personalized and expedient service. The job
they did for me was fantastic.

~John Davis:
Victory Computer Services has been the most reliable, conscientious and dependable computer service with whom i have ever done business. Whether it is the purchase of a computer, a laptop, the repair of hard drives, upgrades of memory or a myriad of the other sevices regarding software, hardware, or simple advice, their service is beyond reproach and far above the call of duty. i have been dealing with Frank DeMasi since 2001. His service has been so reliable and pofessional that several teachers from my elementary school in Brooklyn have driven out to huntington because they have been so overwhelmingly pleased not only with the product that they have purchased but also were extraordinarily pleased with support services they received once they left the actual store premises. One teacher drove as far as Staten Island for his services, and another personal friend was sending his laptop from New Jersey to be repaired because of the excelllent service received.

I have always reminded people that many shops sell computers in bulk at what seen to be low prices. The prices seen to be low until the hours of lost time waiting to speak to some customer service representative are calculated. The price seem to be low until you have to repackage your computer and ship it to some unknown repair site. The price seen to be low until you have to spend countless days waiting for the repairman to arrive to the doorstep, and then who knows the amount of the initial diagnostic charge. All of this assumes that once you unpack your new computer it will be up and running for any lengh of time at the outset. Victory Computer Services provides timely, cost efficient and reliable products and service. Since they are a small business you can rest assured that the services that you receive will be highly professional and highly personal. Concidering de value of the information stored on your computer, whether it be crucial data for your business, whether it be valuable schoolwork for the diploma or degree, or memories, it would seem foolish to entrust such important data and information to some mass computer company who views you as just as nameless consumer whose business is only as valuable as the dollar you spend. Victory Computer Services is the only place i trust for any of my technical needs.

John Davis - More than satisfied customer.

~John Barilla:
After more than ten years as a customer and client of Victory Computer Services, I thought it was about time to publicly thank Frank DeMasi and his staff for their stellar service. It is a blessing to have such a resource right here in the Huntington area. A visit to Victory Computer Services is always a pleasant experience for me because I am confident they are looking out for the best interests. For my bussiness, church and family Victory Computer Services is always my first call. If I had to lay out my reasons for my loyalty to this company, I would cite three uncommon virtues which set them head and shoulders above their competitors: competency, integrity and value. As competency, all it takes is one visit to figure that out, where else can you walk in off the street and be assigned a technitian who immediately puts your computer on the bench and diagnoses the problem usually right in front of your eyes. These folks are definetely well trained & experienced and they can give the customer a quick "heads up!" on what needs to be done and an estimate of the cost while you are there.(Most other places write you a ticket and put your computer on the shelf for a few days. And what's more, they invariably nail the issue on their first visit, and no other shop provides that magnitude of service. The staff of Victory Computer Services also exhibits a lot of personal integrity. I think that a lot of it stems from the culture established by the founder and owner, Frank DeMasi. Frank has really high standards for honesty and straight-forwardness in his dealing with his customers. Frank puts people before profits, and he never tries to sell you something you don't need. (This brand of integrity is in high contrast to the kind of treatment you will get at the large corporate mega-stores). Finally there is the matter of value (and today this is the bottom-line for most of us!) just compare the prices you will pay for similar services at other shops and you will thank your lucky stars for Victory Computer Services. To sum it all up, after a decade of using their services, i can honestly say that Victory Computer Services gives me a lot more bang for my buck and when you have something this good in the neighborhood why would you want to go anywhere else? kudos for Victory Computer Services!.

~Eugene Russo:
Victory Computer Services technitians are very friendly, extremely educated and bend over backwards to help you with your computer problems.

~George Steinman:
I needed a new laptop and wound up buying an Asus. The machine is really good, fast and works very well... It was a good buy. Felix is the technitian who sold it to me, he is the best. One reason for going to Victory Computer Services is the hardware & software support. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD!.

~Bruce Fields and Trisha Crespo:
Victory Computer Services has got to be the best of a dying breed these days, high quality, professional service provided by friendly, caring and responsible people. Frank and Anthony are unmatched for their ability to diagnose and quickly fix any problem, as well as to build from scratch a fantastic PC for your custom needs . . .and more. I make my living using my computer and need to have it running well 24/7. They have saved me grief and money more times than I'd like to think about. It's a comfort to know that these guys are here and are always available to help me at a moment's notice. They always have. Thanks, Frank and Anthony. You are truly appreciated.

~Keith Stauclcup:
Victory Computer Services has always solved my IT problems. The technicians are well trained and pleasant, thier fees are reasonable and justified.

~Dennis Flynn:
I really like having a local computer repair/build shop that is so knowlegable, professional and provides great service for all my computer needs, I could higly recommend them to anyone.

~Roz Palmer:
The full system reload done at Victory Computer Services exceeds my expectation. My computer is fast and completelly running better than ever!.

~George Gelish:
I have been a customer of Victory for a number of years; pretty much since the beginning. Frank and Co. have always "gone the extra mile" to take care of me and make sure I'm happy with thier work. As someone who own's multiple computers running on multiple networks, it's great to know that somebody's always got your back. Quality work at a fair price. They're the best!.

~Elizabeth Sammis:
I've used Victory Computer Services for many years and have always been very satisfied with the service. Anthony has helped me and my family with our computer problems quickly and efficently, whether we show up in person or over the phone.

~Frank Pecorella:
Excellent service. Efficient, friendly, highly recommended.

~Nicole Van Dormolen:
These guy's are the best.

~Erik Gonzalez:
I brought my computer in with tons of viruses & when I got it back it was running better than new. I am so confident in Victory Computer Services that I had them service my wife's computer & my mother's computer as well. I highly recommend Victory Computer Services.